Banking and Finance Law

Our Banking and Finance department is trusted by major financial institutions for its ability to think innovatively and to provide elaborate and high-quality services. Understanding the complexity of financial transactions and the often short time frames within which business is to be conducted, our team possesses the academic background and the practical know-how to quickly and efficiently resolve any matter, either concerning debt restructuring projects of large value, structured financial transactions or securities.

According to the Codified Law 2190/1920, under the penalty of nullity, a company is prohibited from granting guarantees or securities in rem in favour of third parties with the purpose of acquisition of its shares by such third parties, unless specific conditions apply. We advise our clients on these conditions and issue respective opinions.

Apart from the above, we draft elaborated leasing and factoring agreements, incorporating terms such as prepayment, customers’ solvency monitoring, accounting, recovery and, on some occasions, adoption of credit default risk, depending on the format of factoring chosen.