Public Law and Public Procurement

Our Firm’s Public Law and Public Procurement Department has acquired a high-profile reputation and provides a comprehensive range of services on all aspects of Public Law including: public contracts, freedom of information, government-owned assets, human rights, permits and authorizations, public and mixed entities/structures, public law litigation, public-private partnerships, regulatory issues, fines, environmental and zoning issues.

Apart from having a long judicial and practical experience before all levels of the Administrative Justice, including the Conseil d’ Etat (Symvoulion Epikrateias), our team has also gained valuable insights into drafting legislatory provisions in cooperation with Ministries and other public entities. We assist a large number of public authorities and regulatory bodies on the implementation of their powers as well as with drafting and interpreting legislation. As a result, we fully understand the complexities and challenges of this area of law. Conversely, we can offer our clients in the public sphere assistance that takes into account the perspective of private sector players. Our Public Law client base includes public authorities, regulatory bodies, financial institutions, and public corporate entities.

Our interest as a law firm also lies in the field of Public Procurement, particularly in advising clients and dealing with the entire process of a public tender, from preparing an offer to handling any legal claim that might arise, before the court. We assist contracting authorities in deciphering the basic rules that prescribe participation to the tendering procedures, content of the bids to be submitted, examination and evaluation of bids by the competent committee, award criteria and notification of the result of the procedures, either in case that the European Union Regulation’s threshold is triggered (‘international tender’) or in cases that the tendering procedure is considered as a ‘national tender’.

Particularly regarding public procurement in the framework of co-funded programmes, we have expertise in:

(a) drafting legal opinions and guidelines for Contracting Authorities to pursue in harmonization to the Law 4314/2014 and all respective legal provisions and ministerial decisions and

(b) performing due diligence of all documents produced upon implementation of the programme.

Our lawyers are familiarized with the complex legal system governing co-funded programmes, aiming at securing compliance with the set rules and annihilate the risk of budgetary alterations imposed by auditing authorities.

We have successfully represented our clients- beneficiaries of NSRF programmes- before such an auditing authority that is the Financial Audit Committee (EDEL).