Lawyer at the Supreme Court. He was born in Athens. Member of the Athens Bar Association since 1988.


  • Degree from the Department of Law, School of Law, Political and Economic Sciences of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens

Professional Experience

  • Lawyer of the Legal Service of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (KEDE). (1990 until today)
  • Special Associate – Legal Support OF SPECIAL SECRETARIAT D.E.K.O. (EGDEKO) on the subject of drafting public procurement notices and legal support for tenders. (2006 – 2009)
  • Legal associate of the General Secretariat of Public Property (Ministry of Finance) (2014)
  • Legal support of the Institute of Local Government (ITA) (2005 – 2015)
  • Legal support of the Municipal Enterprise of Megalopolis for the auction of the project “District Heating of Megalopolis” (1998 – 2006)

  • Member of the Working Group of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and KEDE for the implementation of Law 4412/2016 (on public contracts for projects, studies, supplies, services) in the municipalities.
  • Member of the Working Group of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the drafting of “Kallikratis” (2010)
  • Member of the Program Contract Monitoring Committee (YPES – KEDKE – EETAA) for Public & Private Law Partnerships.
  • Member of the working group for the implementation of the New Code of Local Self-Government in the framework of the program “STATE 21st Century – Local Government of Responsibility”
  • Member (as a representative of KEDE) of the Networks “PUBLIC PROCUREMENT” and “EMPLOYERS ‘PLATFORM” of CEMR (Council of Municipalities and Regions of Europe).

Seminars - Conferences

  • European Institute of Public Administration (EIRA) with topics: Public Procurement & Public-Private Partnerships.
  • Attending special seminars on “Public Procurement: E-Tendering, E-Procurement, E-Purchasing”.

Speaker at conferences – workshops:

  • Annual Ordinary Conference of KEDE (2016) on the implementation of Law 4412/2016 on public contracts for projects – studies – supplies – services.
  • Information days of the Ministry of Interior for the administrative reform of Law 3852/2010 “Kallikratis”
  • Information days of KEDE, for the training of the newly elected mayors. Topics of presentations: “Projects, supplies, studies of local authorities and municipal enterprises” and “Legal Entities of local authorities”, “Operation – Problems – Perspective of the Institution of Local Government Enterprises” “Inter-Municipal Cooperation”
  • “Information Program for Mayors – OP Cleisthenes”, in workshops co-organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the KEDE (2018)


  • “Application instructions L.4412 / 2016
  • “Supervision & Control of Transactions of Local Authorities”
  • “Governance System: Organization – Operation – Responsibilities of Municipal Bodies – Intra-Municipal Decentralization – Contractual Policies”
  • “Guide for New Municipal Authorities: Oath – Housing”


Greek, English

Practice Areas

Public Law and Public Procurement

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  • 210 361 1236
  • 210 361 0227