Lawyer, LL.M.

Supreme Court Appeal Lawyer; born in Athens, Greece, in 1978. Admitted in Athens Bar Association in 2003.


  • L.LM. in Civil Procedure Law at University of Athens, Law School (2002).
  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Law School (L.L.B. 2001).


  • “International jurisdiction in marriage and parental cases by right of Regulation 1347/2000 EC” (2002).”
  • “The constitutional compatibility of the disqualification of the right for reference to the Court” (2002).”
  • “The seizure of special property items (2002)”

Professional experience

Handling of legal cases and legal support concerning:

  • Leasing, Real Estate Transactions Law, Private Security Law, Law of Driving Code, Compensation for Loss of Life or Serious Injury from Car Accident, Family Law, Law of Adoption, Heritage Law, Validity of Testament.
  • Corporate Law, Securities, Establishment and Dissolution of Personal and Capital Companies (esp. Societe Anonyme), Commercial Trademark Law, Commercial Contracts.
  • Banking law, establishment of Credit Foundations in Greece and in EU countries.
  • Financial Crime Law (Law against legalization of income from illegal activities and money laundering).
  • Public Health Law, Law of Market Regulations (esp. concerning to the hygiene and quality of food).
  • Medical Law, Laws and Conditions concerning Pharmacies and Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • Public Marine Law, Private Marine and Shipping Law, Law of Naval Security, Law against Piracy at Open Sea.
  • Administrative Law, Tax Law, Legal cases involving real estate dispute between the State and individuals, Public Contracts.
  • Social Security Law, Dispute between citizens or traders and Social Security Organizations.
  • Litigation at Civil, Crime and Administrative Courts, Representation before Committees of Ministries and Public Sector Legal Entities.
  • Full Member and Legal Counsel of the Metropolitan Council of Holy Metropolis of Nea Ionia, Filadelfeia, Heraklion and Chalkidon


Greek, English, German.

Practice areas

Civil Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Public Law, International Law, Administrative Law, Public Contracts, Litigation.

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  • 210 361 0227
  • d.tsonis@kanell.gr