Lawyer at the Supreme Court. Born in Athens in 1972. Member of the Athens Bar Association since 1999.


  • Law Degree from the University of Macerata, Italy (1997).


  • “Legislative Initiative” (Inziativa Leggislativa) (1997).
  • Comparative study on the current legislative status of the Local Authorities of Italy – Greece (1999).
  • Monthly issue of HR Professional Human Resource Management

Professional activity

Handling legal cases and providing legal aid services in the following areas:

  • Legal advisor in the Municipality of Lykovrysi Pefki (July 2015-2019).
  • (Public works, public contracts, environmental projects, as well as in projects subsidized by the NSRF. Legal support for the issuance of administrative acts under the responsibility of the Local Government. Civil Service Local Government. Operational Programs of the NSRF Municipalities 2014-2020. Participation in issues of KEDE competence.)
  • Special Advisor to the SPECIAL SECRETARIAT FOR COMMUNITY RESOURCES AND INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE MINISTRY OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND FOOD (2014). (Suggestions on complaints and objections, out-of-court, petitions before the Minister / Special Secretary. Providing legal advice to the competent Public Works Department of the Special Secretariat of the Communities Resources and Infrastructure of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food (drafting public works contracts, examination of objections, etc.). Compilation of plans in the framework of the Technical Assistance of PAA and EPAL. Opinions on the current institutional Framework of PAA and EPAL as well as the staff of the Special Services. Drafting laws, notices, assignments. Interpretation of public works legislation and contracts. Monitoring of court appeals as well as drafting opinions before the Administrative Court of Appeal and the Court of Appeals. Participation in the drafting of a bill on the amendment of 3614/2007.)
  • Legal advisor to the Society of Greek Directors (2020-2022)
  • Spatial and Environmental Law (building conditions and restrictions, cancellation of sanctions, administrative contracts for projects and services of spatial and urban interest)
  • Tax law (corporate taxation: corporate income tax, VAT, KBS, transformations, international taxation, transfer pricing, shipping business taxation, etc.).
  • Social Security Law (elaboration, amendment and drafting of regulations and statutes of public bodies, objections before the TDE, cancellation of PEPE PEPAE, pension, etc.).
  • Civil Service Law (Disciplinary, Payroll, Competitions through ASEP, Transfers, Transfers, Promotions, etc.).
  • Fiscal Law (preventive and repressive audit before the Court of Auditors, cancellation of public accountability, financial corrections, public contracts, etc.).
  • Union and Trade Union Law.
  • Civil liability of the public (administrative and political jurisdiction).
  • Criminal (sanctions due to debts to the state)
  • Family law
  • Appearance before the CoC, AP, the Court of Auditors and Administrative and Political Courts of First Instance and Courts of Appeal.


  • 2004: Attendance of a seminar on Tax Law with emphasis on the changes brought by Law 3296/2004.
  • 1999: Comparative study on the current legislative status of the Local Authorities of Italy – Greece
  • 2001-2002: Administrative justice seminars by SC consultants (Environmental Law, Public Procurement, European Law, Cancellation and Administrative Procedure)


Greek, Italian, English, French.

Field of practice

Public Law, Tax Law, Accounting Law, Social Security Law, Environmental Law, Civil Service Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Judicial Support.

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