Lawyer, LL.M.

Lawyer at court, born in Athens, Greece, in 1990. Admitted in Athens Bar Association in 2017.


  • Masters in Maritime Law (LLM) in City University of London (2020).
  • Bachelor in Law (LLB) in European University of Cyprus (2015).
  • Political Sciences and Public Administration (BA) in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2012).


  • «Fundamental and Individual Rights » (2012).
  • «The changes of service of civil servants and the institution of the labour reserve in public service law» (2012).
  • «Greece in the European Union – Political Aspects» (2012).
  • «The Treaty of Lisbon» (2012).
  • «Reasons for the accession of Greece to the European Community» (2012).
  • «Commentary on no. 147/2013 Decision of the Court of Appeal of Piraeus on leases. » (2014).
  • «Commentary on no. 179/2003 Decision of the Supreme Court» (2015).
  • «Application for Annulment to the Council of State.» (2015).
  • «The action for the clergy and the benefit of the census.» (2015)
  • «A significant cause for concern with shipbuilding contracts is the risk that one of the parties will become insolvent before the completion of all obligations.” (2019)
  • «What is the important of Notice of Abandonment to the operation of marine insurance.” (2020)
  • «A legal examination of the Law of Salvage and the entitlement to a salvage reward payment» (2020).


  • Internet Crime (2014)
  • Fair Criminal Trial. (2014)
  • Issues of Civil and Criminal Liability in Air Transport. (2015)
  • Geopolitical Developments in the Southeastern Mediterranean (2015)
  • Business Restructuring – Issues of Commercial, Labor and Social Security Law. (2015)
  • Legislative and Jurisprudential developments in EU Company Law regarding the transfer of the seat of companies. (2015)
  • Medical Liability Insurance: Problems and Prospects. (2015)
  • Judicial Mediation of the Athens Bar Association (2019)

Professional experience

Handling of legal cases and legal support concerning:

  • Adjudication of cases and appearance before the Domestic Courts
  • Financial leases, Real estate transfers – Buying and selling, Real Estate Surveys, Prenotations, Eliminations, Foreclosures, Auctions, Private Insurance Law, Family Law, Inheritance Law. Banking law, establishment of Credit Foundations in Greece and in EU countries.
  • Commercial Law, Securities, Establishment and Dissolution of Companies, Trademarks, Commercial Contracts.
  • Banking Law, establishment of a credit institution in Greece and in EU member states
  • Medical Law and Expert Opinion
  • Public Maritime Law, Private Maritime Law, Maritime Safety.
  • Administrative Law, cases concerning disputes between the State and individuals.
  • Representation in the Civil, Criminal and Administrative Courts.
  • Handling of road accident cases.
  • Judicial Mediation Law 4640/2019
  • Cross-border enforcement of immovable property of non-residents


Greek, English, German

Practice areas

Banking Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Litigation Support

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  • 210 361 1236
  • 210 361 0227