Lawyer, LL.M.

Court of First Instance Lawyer, born in Athens, Greece, in 1993. Member of the Athens Bar Association since 2015.


  • Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization (Master) in “Law & Economics”, University of Piraeus, School of Εconomics, Business and International Studies, Departments of Economics, Business Administration, International and European Studies (With distinction) (2017 – 2019)
  • LL.B., National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Law (2015)


  • “The Emerging and Growing Sectors in the Greek Economy” (Postgraduate Thesis) (2019)
  • “The Responsibilities of the Board of Directors of a Public Limited Company: Representative and Management Power” (During the Postgraduate Studies Program) (2017)

Professional experience

  • Handling of legal cases and legal support concerning:
    • Commercial and Corporate Law, Judicial and Extrajudicial Μanagement of Business Claims
    • Public and Administrative Law, Public Procurement Law, Supplies, Services, Contracts and Competitions of Public Sector Law Entities
    • Civil Law
    • Banking Law
    • Cadastre Law
    • Real Estate
    • Criminal Law
  • Litigation before Civil, Administrative and Criminal Courts, Representation before Committees of Ministries and Public Sector Legal Entities
  • Legal advisory services, guidance, legal proposals and opinions to the Research Center of the University of Piraeus (2018 until present)
  • Trainee Lawyer at the Legal Department of Piraeus Bank S.A. Group, Corporate, Shipping, Bankruptcy, Judicial & Extrajudicial Management Department of Business Claims (2015 – 2017)

Seminars - Conferences

  • “New Penal Code & Penal Procedure Code”, Contemporary Lawyership, Athens Bar Association (2019)
  • “The Innovations of the General Data Protection Regulation and its Relation with no. 2472/1997 Law “, Association of Trainee and Young Lawyers of Athens in collaboration with ELSA Athens (2018)
  • “Evolutions in Mediation”, AKKED PROMITHEAS & ADR CENTER, Association of Trainee and Young Lawyers of Athens in collaboration with ELSA Athens (2018)
  • Multi-conference on “Entrepreneurship & Career”, Strategic Business and Entrepreneurship Management Research Center (2017)
  • “Law actions concerning violations of Competition Law”, Athens Bar Association (2017)
  • “Modernization of the penal system”, Hellenic Criminal Law Society (2017)
  • “Current Issues in Energy Law”, Athens Bar Association (2016)
  • Practical Legal Training Seminars in the fields of Civil, Criminal and Commercial Law, Young Legal Science Group (2015)
  • “The sea as a political and economic environment”, Athens Law School (2015)
  • “The Penal Protection of Personal Data in accordance with the Greek Jurisprudence and the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights”, Athens Bar Association (2014)
  • Seminar on International Law, Full Course of the following sessions: Jurisdiction in International Law, Statehood in the 21th Century, Self-Determination v. Secession, The Law of Treaties: What is a Treaty and How to Make One?, The Law of Treaties: The Life and Death of Treaties, International Responsibility: The General Part, Responding to Illegality: From Countermeasures to Self-Defence, Shared Responsibility, Athens Law School (2014)
  • Conference on “International Criminality”, Athens Law School (2011)


Greek, English, French

Practice Areas

Commercial and Corporate Law, Public and Administrative Law, Public Procurement Law, Civil Law, Banking Law, Cadastre Law, Real Estate, Criminal Law, Litigation

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